Website Design

A sleek, easy-to-use website is key to making a good impression with potential clients. It shows that you are professional, trustworthy, and serious about your business. We work hard to craft genuinely engaging experiences that resonate with your clients well after their first impression of your website.

Through eye-catching designs, we can help bring out your individual vision and brand identity. We are confident this service can significantly improve the success of your business and your ability to generate new revenue.

A Demand Boost designed website will enhance your online presence by being:

Informative Yet Persuasive

We provide top-quality content that goes in-depth about the service you provide. With countless options for potential clients to choose from, it is critical that your website clearly explains why you are the best choice. We will thoroughly study your business and fill your website with content highlighting your business's best qualities and uniqueness.

Professional & Attractive

Your target audience wants a website that is easy to understand and simple to use. Any flaws in the design will surely turn them away. Our designs are sleek, attractive, and designed to turn your prospective clients into paying customers quickly. We will put the time and care into developing your website to showcase your business in a polished and professional manner.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a very complex topic but simply put, it is the process of improving your website's visibility in search engines. 40-60% of website traffic is created from organic searches on search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This traffic can easily increase to account for as much as 75% of traffic with amicable SEO efforts. Without the proper optimization, search engines will not be able to locate or identify the information on your website, which will hinder your ability to drive targeted traffic, build credibility, and increase revenue.

It's important to understand that much of the information floating around about SEO is inaccurate or outdated. Simply loading a page with keywords doesn't work anymore. You need to do intense research to understand the techniques that generate results.

That's where we come in. Our robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies focus on heightening brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and streamlining sales. The process we offer concentrates on technical SEO, data-driven content marketing, and link acquisition to go beyond the typical on-page optimization and focus on sustainable long-term results.

Our 360° Search Engine Optimization service incorporates:

Strategic Planning

Nothing compares to a thoroughly researched, well-executed plan. Our professional SEO team will create effective strategies to maximize results while adapting to the changing trends of SEO to help you achieve your desired business goals.

Quality Optimization

Truthfully, most websites are filled with low-quality, hard-to-read text. Search engines quickly realize the content is not appealing, and subsequently, rankings plummet. We avoid this by creating compelling content that inspires your audience to take action!

Consistent Results

A website that is never updated rarely shows up in search engine results. Websites that are constantly adding new, relevant content tend to do much better. We will help you outshine your competitors by continually adding engaging content to your website.

Google Advertising

In today's world of online marketing, Google Advertising is one of the most popular ways to extend your clientele base. Google is the most widely used search engine, making advertising on Google one of the most valuable online marketing avenues available.

At Demand Boost, our goal is to help you harness the power of Google Advertising to attract high-quality leads. Our attention-grabbing ad campaigns are specifically designed to make search engine advertising more efficient with a spectacular landing page optimized for better conversions. Our track record of successful advertising campaigns speaks for itself, and we'll be happy to apply our time-tested principles to your next campaign.

Our comprehensive Google ad campaigns increase lead conversion with:

Captivating Ad Copies

Our intriguing ad copies are sure to draw the attention of your business's target audience! With years of experience creating dynamic ads, we know what works and how to ensure your ads are visible to the masses. Through strategies we have developed over our many years in the industry, we can help you drive your business forward.

Dedicated Landing Pages

The ad copy is just the start! Once a potential client clicks on your ad, they with be whisked away to your stunning landing page. The dedicated landing page we develop for you will show them why you are the perfect choice for the service they want to sign up for with persuasive content and an innovative, responsive design.

Expert Lead Tracking

Lead conversion can be tricky, and following up with each incoming lead can be very time-consuming. That's why we implement a precise lead tracking system to track calls and conduct automated lead follow-ups via text/email, which is all integrated into one easy-to-use platform so you can manage incoming leads on the fly.

Facebook/ Instagram Advertising

Social media has transformed nearly every aspect of the modern world. Advertising is no exception. No matter what service you are offering, chances are, your potential clients are active on Facebook, Instagram, or both.

Facebook and Instagram users are bombarded with constant information. How are you going to stand out? The answer is simple. We'll provide you with compelling ads specifically designed to target your ideal audience and are sure to stand out on their timeline.

Let us boost your demand with Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns that will:

Grab Attention

We design ads that immediately capture your potential clients' attention and inspire their curiosity to learn more about your service. From there, we funnel them directly to your intricately designed landing page, where they learn who you are, what you do, and why you are the best at what you do.

Drive Sales

Our goal is to impact your business with a significant ROI. We will advise you on allocating your budget based on current trends to gain the highest chance of conversions for more profitability. So you can rest assured that the money you are spending on marketing is actually producing sustainable results.

Establish Loyalty

Client retention is easier said than done! But with a few experts in your corner, it can become a cakewalk. Brand recognition is a powerful tool. We will help you establish your brand identity and interact with your new clients in a way that will turn them not only into paying clients but loyal clients.

Boosting Business Reputation

When you're deciding to purchase any item, what is the first thing you check out? If you're like most people, it's the reviews. If you see a business with multiple negative reviews, you won't even consider them for services. It's almost automatic. That's how powerful reviews are!

Now consider the flip-side. You're on the fence, but you notice several organic reviews are singing the praises of this business. Most of the time, that's enough to convince you to sign up.

We will help ensure that your reviews reflect the time and care you've put into your business. We will incentivize your customers to post 100% authentic positive reviews. And as for those pesky negative reviews? We'll help you deal with those as well. With Demand Boost, you'll know that your reputation is always in good hands.

Demand Boost can help elevate your business's reputation through:

Reputation Monitoring

As a business owner, you are focused on running your day-to-day operations and the client currently in front of you. That doesn't leave much time for religiously checking your online reviews. Well, don't worry! We will provide you with notifications any time you receive a negative review. We will also help you reply to these ill-intended reviews with compassionate responses to show the community around you that you are invested in your clients' experiences.

Review Generating Tool

Sometimes clients have a wonderful experience but simply forget to leave a review as their day gets busy. Maybe they just need a quick reminder of how excited they were about the experience you shared. To prevent you from missing out on any great reviews, we have developed a review tool that is easily shared with your clients after services are rendered and they have left. Our review tool helps increase organic reviews and is effortless on the client's end to initiate.

Social Media Management

Sure, you understand the importance of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. But do you have a strategy in place for posting intriguing content consistently? Most people think posting once in a while is enough. The truth is much more complicated.

Social media moves fast. Trends emerge quickly on these platforms. Capitalizing on them immediately is key to keeping your audience's interest. But let's face — it most small businesses don't have time to be focused on social media for hours a day. Designing interactive posts for social media is a daunting task best left to the professionals.

We have been studying social media closely for years. We know what works and what's a waste of time. You can count on us to create social media posts that entice your audience to be interactive. If you've ever tried to run your own social media, you've probably been frustrated at the loss of money and lack of results. We can design posts on your behalf that will grow your social media presence with minimal investment.

With Demand Boost managing your social media, you can count on:

Creative Content

Whether it is an informative post about your services or special offers, we can convey the message in a riveting way to your followers. We bring together elegant design and thought-provoking text to cause users to react in the form of a positive comment, like, or sharing the post with others.

More Followers

We aim to help facilitate brand recognition by increasing your social media presence with regular posting and replying to basic business inquiries. The more users see your business posting quality content and being responsive, the more likely they will follow you to see future content.

Cost Efficiency

We know operating a business can be costly; even more costly can be paying salary to an in-house social media manager. Demand Boost social media management is a low-cost service that allows you to have hyperactive social media accounts without consuming your time or funds.

Lead Tracking and Automated Follow-Up

Want to know the best part of having a well-established business? It starts to run itself! We can help you to make that a reality with little effort on your part.

Most people aren't affected by the first advertisement they see. It takes multiple viewings, even dozens before customers start to really think about spending their money. That's why big companies run the same commercials over and over again. This method has created enormous profits for global corporations. But what if you don't have a huge budget to work with? No problem! Lead tracking and automated follow-ups are amongst our most effective methods to convince clients to sign up for your services.

Lead tracking and automated follow-ups are extremely cost-effective. Anyone who shows an initial interest in your services will constantly receive well-thought-out information to move them to sign up for your services without you having to do any additional work. This lets your clientele grow while you keep focusing on your passion, your business.

Demand Boost lead tracking and automated follow-ups include:

New Lead Notifications

Receive a notification via email or text any time you get a new lead, complete with all the info you need to contact the person. This makes it easy to reach out to your potential client promptly.

Call Monitoring

Never miss a call again! Call monitoring offers call forwarding to your cell phone, home phone, or any phone number of your choosing so that you can listen to calls from anywhere at any time!

Text/Email Follow-Ups

Automated drip campaigns via email/text feed tidbits of enticing info to those who have expressed interest in your services. Each message will offer a chance to take action and schedule an appointment.

Email Marketing and Text Message Marketing

How many times have you checked your phone today? Twelve? Twenty? More? Typically, people check their phones quite frequently. Every time a prospective client does, it is a missed opportunity for you to sway them to become a loyal client of yours.

Email and text message marketing is becoming increasingly popular due to its proven effectiveness. We can help you take advantage of this new type of marketing by implementing customized email and text campaigns on behalf of your business.

We are skilled at designing sophisticated campaigns that your clients will actually look forward to reading. Also, by contacting your prospective clients directly, you show them that you value them as a client. So, expand your marketing efforts with motivating email and text campaigns powered by Demand Boost.

Demand Boost provides three different types of email and text messaging:

Email Follow-Ups

Over the course of your campaign, new leads will be added to your automated email drip campaign. These email follow-ups are blasted out periodically with informational content on your services and how to book.

Text Message Follow-Ups

Our text message drip campaigns automatically contact new leads right away and continue contacting them in a personable way until they respond back and express their interest in an appointment.

Newsletter Blasts

Newsletter blasts are used to notify your current clients of any new services, promotional deals, or special events you are offering. This helps to encourage clients to book more appointments for additional services.

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